Save with our Spare Parts Kits!

30 Jan 2016

Replacing components before a failure occurs provides a more reliable approach to achieving long service life for your inspection systems. Having a few key components on hand is a crucial aspect of any maintenance program.

You can be sure of our efficient, reliable and quick service with a Spare Parts Kit for any of our IQ3 Metal Detectors. Each Kit includes the control, transmitter and receiver boards needed for each configuration.

Benefits of purchasing one of our Spare Parts Kits include:

  • Piece of Mind. With a Loma Spare Parts Kit, you are sure to always have that critical component on hand to get your metal detector back online without delay.
  • Plug and Play. Once configured for your machine, the boards can be quickly changed with minimal setup time.
  • Multi-purpose. The main processor board can fit multiple generations of metal detectors and only requiring a simple software upgrade.
  • Cost savings. Receiving an equivalent of 10% off the individual item prices when purchased as a kit not only saves your company money but also decreases your downtime.