Replacing the mechanical vacuum pump in a large rubber factory

21 Apr 2016


A large Polish company specializing in the production of rubber encountered a problem with the high costs of servicing their mechanical vacuum pumps on injection molding machines for producing rubber seals. In addition, the mechanical pumps did not maintain a proper vacuum level necessary for the production process.


The new vacuum pump should be easy to clean and repair while ensuring a reliable and easily adjustable vacuum level. Cost of service (maintenance) should be at an acceptable level. Piab offered their P6010 pump with two Xi40-3 COAX® cartridges, one additional Xi40-3 COAX® cartridge and a vacuum filter.


Piab’s vacuum pump size and modular design allowed for easy cleaning with a pump capacity increase as compared to the old mechanical pump. Simpler vacuum level controlling in the production process influenced the improved repeatability of their product. In addition, more room between the machines resulting from the dismantling of the old mechanical pumps improved the safety of workers and the working environment.