How can we transport tablets in the most gentle way possible?

21 Apr 2016

That was a question we put to ourselves a while ago. We have been trying and trying, and evaluating, and re-trying and so on.

Finally, we came to a conclusion. We were not satisfied with providing modifications of our standard conveying equipment, so we made the decision to develop conveying equipment dedicated to automatic tablet handling. As a result, the world's first dedicated tablet conveyor is now ready to handle fragile tablets in automated industrial settings, where it can replace either standard equipment or laborious manual procedures.

As you know, fragile and valuable pharmaceutical tablets are notoriously difficult to handle in processing plants. Easily cracked, the tablets have to be treated with extreme care to keep waste at a minimum. We realized that there were three main features that were the keys to success which we designed for: to have a controlled and low speed when conveying the tablets, to have a soft entry into the conveyor, and of course, to eliminate any sharp edges in the conveying pipeline. It took us some time to develop, but clearly it was worth it! Roughly a month ago, we launched it and it was great to see the result. We ended up not only in a new conveyor, but also in a unit which we callpiGENTLE™. This unit makes sure that we can move the tablets at a slow and constant speed for minimizing breakage. The level of technology in this ”black box” has resulted in yet another patent for us – hopefully soon to be approved.

We know that this is a big step for all of us, so let's work together to make sure that you feel as confident as we do with this technology. Sign up today and we will reach out to you and provide you with more information. We can also conduct a trial, either at our test facility, to show you our performance, or we can do a trial at your plant.